What’s a Soup Group?

A collection of folks who take turns making a big batch of soup for the group to share.  

Why join a SOSNA Soup Group?

Lots of homemade soup with minimal effort and chance to taste new recipes! Opportunity to meet and get to know your neighbors!

How does a Soup Group work?

Typically, about a 5 to 7 person Soup Group will rotate with one person making a big pot of homemade soup on a weekly basis. The other group members come to pick up their share at set time. Everyone gets a homemade soup for their household each week, but only has to cook once every 5-7 weeks. Group members often chat and trade recipes during the weekly pick up. SOSNA will facilitate convening the groups, and then you can decide what works best for your group in terms of frequency, batch size, pick up times… 

How do I join a SOSNA Soup Group?

Not on the internet? Call (215-732-8446) or swing by the SOSNA Office during our normal hours and we’ll get you signed up. 

Once you sign up, SOSNA will match you up based on your location, household size, and any dietary restrictions. You’ll take it from there, but we can help your group think through the logistics like how soup transport will be handled, when to have pick-ups, and how much soup to make. 

When should I sign up?Today!! We’ll be accepting folks between now and October 24, 2018.  

When will SOSNA Soup Group start?  By Halloween 2018 we’ll match you up with a Soup Group.

Is there a cost to join a SOSNA Soup Group? Nope. Soup Group members will be responsible for the cost of ingredients and containers for soup transport, other than that there is no cost for a soup group.

What if I don’t/can’t eat meat, gluten, peanuts, dairy, seafood…..?  We’ll match groups up that are compatible based on major dietary restrictions. Once you are in your group you should discuss allergies & preferences.

Can I be placed in a Soup Group with a friend?Sure! Just let us know on the sign up form.

Do you have any info about Soup Groups that already up and running?Yup – check out this article from the Washington Post and this Philly.com article!