Community Outreach & Partnerships (COPS)


To promote awareness of SOSNA’s services and resources within the neighborhood and to coordinate with local civic associations, residents and institutions on developing ways to “give back “ to the community and facilitate community-building events. 
The SOSNA COPS meets the first Thursday of each month at the SOSNA office. Meetings are listed on the events calendar. Join us to plan informational and social activities and events geared towards promoting SOSNA within the Community. 
Committee Chair
Louise Melchor
Ongoing Projects
  • SOSNA Scholarship. Beginning in 2013, SOSNA provides a scholarship to support students from the neighborhood in their pursuit of higher education. The SOSNA scholarship provides $1000 to pay for school-related expenses.
  • Michele Cutner Award. SOSNA works with the Chester Arthur Elementary School to present a yearly award a student who exemplifies outstanding service to the school community, campus and neighborhood.
  • Job Postings. Maintain an online listing of jobs available in the neighborhood to match residents with employment opportunities.
  • Community Meetings. Host SOSNA’s Open House meeting and Winter Holiday Meeting, where neighborhood residents and business owners can meet each other and SOSNA Board members, learn more about what SOSNA does, and provide suggestions for future SOSNA endeavors.
  • SOSNA Mailer. Created an informational mailing for neighborhood distribution, to reach out to neighbors on the services SOSNA provides and how to get involved with SOSNA.
  • Website and Social Media: Update SOSNA's website and social media accounts.