Zoning Meeting Presentation Request Form

It is suggested that new development and/or changes to existing structures complement the existing overall character of the block and the neighborhood. SOSNA recognizes the value of preserving existing neighborhood characteristics such as walkability, and is interested in promoting changes conforming to the overall community interests including sustainability, reinvestment, and neighborhood protection. Thus, requested variances will be reviewed by the SOSNA Zoning Committee as they relate to block and neighborhood integrity, including height, open space, density, and character.

In addition to completing the form below, please include six (6) copies of each of the following with your request. Please upload electronic documents below. If possible, include all documentation in one PDF file.

  • Deed or Agreement of Sale
  • Zoning Refusal, listing number and type of proposed variances  

At the meeting, you should also bring design documentation mounted on 24” x 36” presentation boards, including the following:

  1. Site plan at a measurable scale of 1/8”=1’-0”. The site plan must dimension all site limits and the building footprint. The site plan must show the relationship of the application property to neighboring properties and to the closest street intersection. 
  2. Floor plans at a measurable scale of 1/4”=1’-0” 
  3. Elevations showing street front, side (if applicable), and rear elevations at a measurablescale of 1/4”=1’-0”. Elevations must show the property in the context of the adjacent properties (a minimum of 2 in either direction). All elevations must be annotated to clearly indicate the materials of construction. 
  4. Site photos must show the application property in the context of neighboring properties. 

You should also bring six (6) copies of items #1, #2, and #3 in an 11” x 17” format.

If you are a business seeking a use variance to occupy a currently vacant property, our Economic Development Committee would be interested in meeting with you. We like to support worthy projects and we wish to encourage new businesses to be part of our community. Please contact the SOSNA office so our committee chair can be in touch with you.

Property Information

If received.

Applicant Information

If applicable.

Attached Files

Permitted file formats: GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, TXT, PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, RTF.

Listing number and type of proposed variances.

If you need to upload more than one file please contact SOSNA.