SOSNA Litter Index

The SOSNA Litter Index

The SOSNA Clean & Green initiative has been tackling the presence of trash and litter in our neighborhood with a comprehensive Anti-Litter Campaign.  Trash has no one cause and therefore we need a multi-pronged approach to eradicate it.  In conjunction with Clean & Green's many clean up days, Big Belly Campaign, and Litter Free School Zone work, it has also completed the first ever SOSNA LITTER INDEX and SOSNA LITTER ATTITUDE SURVEY.

To properly address this persistent issue, Clean & Green needed metrics by which to measure the amount of trash on our streets, and to measure the effectiveness of our projects.  The SOSNA LITTER INDEX, conducted with guidance from Keep America Beautiful and Keep Philadelphia Beautiful by SOSNA's intern, scored 20 different subareas of the neighborhood on a scale of 1 (No litter) to 4 (Extremely littered).  The subareas - some intersections, small blocks, large blocks, with trash cans, without trashcans etc - were visited 4-5 times during February and March 2012 on trash days, non-trash days, windy days, rainy days, and their scores averaged.  

The blocks in the Devil's Pocket were found to be the most immaculate! The blocks on Washington Avenue were found to be the dirtiest. 

Click to view February/March 2012 SOSNA Litter Index Results and Instructions & Pictures.  Also, click for more Anti-Litter Resources and Information.

SOSNA will continue to update this index over the coming months and years to track progress and effectiveness of projects.

Join the SOSNA Clean & Green initiative the third Tuesday of every month to continue the discussion and formulate projects to tackle litter.