South X Schuylkill Vision Plan

Economic Development
Executive Summary: South X Schuylkill
Center City Residents' Association (CCRA), South of South Neighborhood Association (SOSNA), South Street West Business Association (SSWBA)
The area in adjacent to the new South Street Bridge, and will be a prime growth area in the next real‐estate cycle. The organizations that participated in this report, the South of South Neighborhood Association (SOSNA) , the Center City Residents’ Association (CCRA), and the South Street West Business Association (SSWBA) want to attempt a new approach to development concerns, collaborating with residents, businesses, landowners and developers to help guide development.

These groups worked together in the spring of 2010 with University of Pennsylvania graduate students to help create a vision for how the area might develop. These groups will share this document with the community – including the City, developers, residents, and businesses – and work with all stakeholders to implement improvements and lobby the City and State governments for infrastructure enhancements that will promote beneficial growth.

The process so far has incorporated the voices of many community residents, businesses, and property owners in the area and seeks a framework for future neighborhood planning by the City, SEPTA, and current and future residents – while taking into account the rich history of the area.
The Vision: A mix of uses creates enduring, vibrant places
  • Encourage mixed residential and commercial development.
  • Develop inviting public spaces.
  • Provide pedestrian‐oriented amenities such as street trees, benches, bike parking, and short‐ term automobile parking while also protecting existing parking resources.
  • Invigorate street‐level activity, especially along South Street, along Grey's Ferry Avenue, and along Schuylkill Avenue.
  • Celebrate the existing diverse neighborhood assets.
Connections: Access and mobility are assets for a neighborhood
  • Improve connections to nearby centers of employment, shopping, and education for all modes of transportation: pedestrians, bicycles, automobiles, and public transportation.
  • Encourage traffic calming measures and supportive infrastructure improvements for all modes of transportation.
  • Promote improvements to pedestrian and bike pathways.
  • Improve pedestrian and bicycle safety at major street crossings.
Focus Areas: Schuylkill Avenue and South Street
Schuylkill Avenue
  • Support the development of mixed use buildings and high levels of street activity
  • Encourage public access to the waterfront, the Schuylkill River Trail extension, and to the South Street Bridge
  • Hide parking from street and waterfront views where possible
  • Encourage publicly accessible green spaces

South Street

  • Retain and improve successful mixed‐use residential and commercial fabric on South Street.
  • Improve South Street as a major pedestrian corridor.
  • Promote the South Street Triangle as a neighborhood center.

Preservation: History is a foundation of neighborhood identity

  • Protect the rich and diverse historical fabric that presently exists in the neighborhood.
  • Celebrate the multiple origins of the neighborhood and encourage exciting adaptive reuse of the existing industrial buildings.
  • Encourage the development of new building uses and types that are supportive of the overall neighborhood goals
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