SOSNA Board Elections Next Week!

Come out to vote in this year's SOSNA Board Elections on Monday, Oct 17th at 7:00 pm at the St. Charles Senior Center at 1941 Christian St.

IMPORTANT: you must be registered with SOSNA before the election in order to vote. In order to be registered you must either be on SOSNA's mailing list or you must be registered as a member on our website. To register please fill out this form or send me the following information: your name, address, email address, and/or phone number and indicate whether your primary residence is in the neighborhood, whether your own property in the neighborhood, whether you own a business in the neighborhood, or whether you direct a non-profit in the neighborhood. Please email me at with questions. 

Our for the SOSNA Board nominees are: 

Evan Finkelstein

Kerreen Franklin

Jim Harnett

Pierce Keating

Sarah Kolansky

Carlos McConico

Matt Monroe

Maria Quattrone

Murray Spencer


Please review their questionnaires to learn about our candidates before the election. 


We will see you there. The first 50 people who vote will receive a copy of Evergreens, a neighborhood history.