CHOP Update - ZBA Grants Variances

This week the Zoning Board of Adjustment granted variances to CHOP paving the way for the hospital to build Phase 1 of its four-phase development at 700 Schuylkill Avenue.  On June 2, 2014, Councilman Johnson sent the ZBA a letter outlining his support for the variances being grant so long as the 5 key compromises he lists are met. (Full letter below) Those 5 key compromises are:

  1. CHOP will construct a pedestrian bridge providing river access during Phase 1 construction of the project.
  2. CHOP will build the garage in a manner that will enable commercial use upon completion of Phase 1 construction. CHOP will seek zoning relief for commercial use after the currnet variance is granted for Phase 1.
  3. CHOP will construct appropriate traffic calming devices on Schuylkill Avenue south of the site.
  4. CHOP will eliminate the previously proposed second curb cut on the South Street Bridge so that the project will include only one curb cut on the Bridge.
  5. CHOP will continue to engage the community during the construction and subsequent phases through the formation of a Neighborhood Advisory Committee consisting of stakeholders from the surrounding neighborhood.

SOSNA was invited to appoint one person to this new Advisory Committee; Charlie Williams, near-neighbor to the project, a structural engineer, and long-standing member of the SOSNA Zoning Committee has agreed to serve.  We thank him and all members of the Committee, as well as CHOP and Councilman Johnson, for their hard work on this important project.

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