Stormwater Management

Clean and Green


As a partner with the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD), SOSNA has helped register our neighborhood in PWD's Model Neighborhood's program. Doing this puts us on a short list of Philadelphia neighborhoods that are interested in having innovative stormwater management techniques employed on our streetscapes -- like rainwater swales and tree pits that catch and filter rainwater from the street.

PWD is rightly very worried about the burden placed on the city's combined sewer system. (A combined sewer is a singular pipe that funnels sewage and stormwater runoff together to a treatment plant). During large rain events, the system backs up, sending untreated sewage into our streams and rivers, and even into our basements. PWD is working to retain as much rainwater as possible in the ground or until the rain event passes, using bioretention cells and rain barrels.

For individual homeowners you can take many steps to not only help the overburdened sewer system, but also decrease your own water and energy bills significantly. These steps can be as inexpensive and simple as buying and installing a rain barrel, or as intensive and expensive as building a green roof on your row house. At our Rain Barrel Stories page learn how other neighbors fared when they installed rain barrels for their homes/apartments.

Information about these techniques and more is available at the Water Department's Office of Watersheds website, and in PWD's Homeowner's Guide to Stormwater Management, which you can also pick up in our office.