Clean and Green


“Every ton of waste we recycle rather than send to landfills saves the city $65.” It also saves energy in extracting and transporting natural resources and converting them into new products.

Learn more about what you can recycle curbside at the Streets recycling binDepartment website. For a full list of what is considered trash and what is recyclable, check out the Philadelphia's new Recycle by City website. Blue recycling bins are always available for free at our office. If you don’t have room for one of the blue bins, pick up a recycling sticker at our office and put it on any-sized container.


Recycle your plastic bags at the local grocery store. Alternately, re-use them for your shopping and/or use them to dispose of your trash.  THE SOSNA OFFICE NO LONGER ACCEPTS PLASTIC BAGS FOR RECYCLING. Apologies.

Trash/Recycling Days

  • West of 21st Street: Mondays (trash can go out starting at 7:00pm Sunday)
  • 21st to 16th Streets: Tuesdays (trash can go out starting at 7:00pm Monday)
  • East of 16th Street: Wednesdays (trash can go out starting at 7:00pm Tuesday)

What gets recycled?

  • Metal: Tin, aluminum, steel, empty aerosol, and paint cans 
  • Glass: Food/beverage jars and bottles (rinsed)
  • Mixed Paper: Newspapers, magazines, mail (junk and personal), phone books, food boxes, (remove plastic liner), flyers, wrapping paper (no foil or plastic wrap), beverage cartons.
  • Plastic: #1 through #7. Look for the number on the bottom of the container to see if it's acceptable. 
     Emptied and flattened
  • Note: Please do not include food-soiled paper.

If your recycling isn’t picked up call the Streets Department at 215-686-5560.

Sign up for the Recycle Bank Rewards Program! It encourages you to recycle by awarding points based on the weight of your recycled materials. To learn more visit the Recycle Bank website. Feel free to drop in to the office to sign up.

If you have materials to recycle that are not on the list above, vist eForce Recycling - located nearby at 3114 Grays Ferry Avenue - and properly recycle old computers, batteries, furniture and much much more.  


Where can I get one of those circular-free stickers for my door? Stop by our office or order one by fax directly from the City.