Public Safety




  • Coordinate with the 17th Police District: Set up monthly PSA 1 Community Meetings at the SOSNA Office
  • Organize meet-&-greet opportunities with local officers
  • Encourage participating in the South of South Town Watch: sign up to start patrolling now!
  • Distribute free CFL bulbs for use in your stoop light - make your block safer at night.
  • Publicize public service announcements and safety tips to neighbors.

What You Can Do

  • The Police need residents to make calls and report suspicious activity – neighbors aren’t expected to stop crimes, but they need to report them. And when reporting the crime, you should always give the best description of the perpetrator as possible, especially the direction they're traveling and what they're wearing.
  • If someone breaks into your house, don’t clean up  – wait for police to arrive so they can dust for prints.
  • Light up your stoop and encourage your neighbors to do the same. Bright streets are the best deterrent to crime. If you need a light, stop by the SOSNA office and we'll give you a free CFL.
  • Do not leave items (laptops, phones, purses, GPS devices) visible in your car. Almost all of the crime in the SWCC is crime of opportunity. And we create the opportunities for the criminals by leaving items in clear sight. Spare change or even the wires for connecting your MP3 player can entice someone to break your window. Put it away or take it with you.
  • Lock your rear windows and doors before leaving or going to sleep, especially if there is construction nearby with scaffolding. Professional burglars can be on your rear wall, on a sub-roof, in your back window and out with your laptop in less than 30 seconds. Closing your blinds can deter burglars also. If they don't know you keep your laptop next to the window, they won't want to steal it.
  • Be aware while walking alone and/or at night. Don't use your cellphone at night or listen to music on your headphones. Try to walk with a friend or a dog if you need to walk at night.
  • Always call 911 - even if nothing can be done immediately, or a crime may not be solved or solvable, reporting issues can help the police track crime activity and therefore know where to dispatch squad cars in the neighborhood. Even minor problems (e.g., loitering) should be reported to 911. The police in our PSA encourage using 911, but please use common sense.
  • Link your surveillance cameras with Philadelphia Police with SAFECAM: Surveillance video recorded by cameras owned by residents and business owners like you have resulted in the arrests of numerous criminals. SafeCam is your opportunity to make the neighborhood in which you live and work a safer place for the entire community.
  • Suspicious of Drug-Dealing:  If you witness suspicious activity linked to regular drug-dealing, or believe arrests for drug dealing have been made, but the activity continues, please contact the Public Nuisance Task Force at 215-686-5852.

Police Service Area 1

  • Police Districts are divided into multiple Public Service Areas (PSAs)
  • Our neighborhood is part of PSA 1 in the 17th police district and is bounded by  Lombard Street, Broad Street, Federal Street, and the Schuylkill River.
  • PSAs are part of a larger city-wide strategy to allow departments to work together to tackle neighborhood issues with a multi-pronged approach.
  • In each PSA there is a chain of command – i.e. a commanding lieutenant, a sergeant, and a corps of officers.
  • Officers are not allowed to leave the PSA to which they are assigned unless there is an emergency (e.g., officer down).
  • This has been set up so the Police Department can be “held accountable” for the well-being of specific areas, and to better work with community leaders.

Safety Alerts

  • Sign up to receive alerts from the Philadelphia Police Department at ReadyNotifyPA. Click on Philadelphia County, PA and register, then select 17th District under 'Police Alerts'.
  • You can also sign up for daily crime alerts at  SpotCrime.