Mailbox Tenders

Clean and Green

Our blue mailboxes and gray transfer boxes regularly get tagged with graffiti, creating an eyesore and encouraging other negligent and nuisance behavior. SOSNA wants to empower you to take ownership of the mailbox nearest you by painting over the graffiti as soon as you see it. Thanks to the diligence and hard work of neighbor Marc Hammarberg, we've obtained the exact paint color formula for both blue and gray boxes. We also have paint brushes and rollers.

Below is a list of every mailbox in the neighborhood. SOSNA is looking for neighbors to sign up to "own" these boxes. These "owners" can simply contact the SOSNA office to arrange a time to pick up the paint, cover the graffiti, and return the supplies for others to use. Over time, with the vigilance and diligence of neighbors, taggers will tire and cease their activity.

Review the list of mailboxes below and email AndrewD AT to indicate which box you'd like to "own". Then just email or call 215-732-8446 any time you want to pick up the paint and supplies.


SOSNA Mailbox List (let us know if we missed any)

  • South St at: 15th St, 17th St, mid-1700 block, 22nd St, 23rd St
  • Bainbridge St at: 16th St, 18th St, 19th St, 20th St, 21st St
  • Fitzwater St at: 15th St, 16th St, 17th St, 20th St, 21st St
  • Catharine St at: 18th St, 20th St, 22nd St
  • Christian St at: 15th St, 16th St, 21st St, 23rd St, Grays Ferry Ave
  • Carpenter St at:17th St, 19th St, 20th St, 23rd St, 24th St, 25th St
  • Washington Ave at: Broad St, 20th St