Clean and Green


Clean, walkable, tree-lined streets, with public-open space and quality schools are the makings of a great neighborhood. The Clean & Green Committee has identified key areas important to creating and maintaining a pleasant, quality neighborhood. They cover trash/blight, walkability, parking, and open space. Currently this committee interfaces with the City Planning Commission in their effort to improve walkability in Southwest Center City.  The committee is also working to determine the means to get our neighborhood cleaned up and to identify neighborhood features that could be improved to make our neighborhood safer.

The Clean & Green Committee manifests its mission by targetting the "4 Es":

  • Education - Informing students, neighbors, businesses, and the Streets Department itself of proper procedures for dealing with trash and litter.
  • Empowerment - Providing neighbors with all the tools to tackle trash and litter on their block, especially during neighborhood clean up days.
  • Enforcement - Working with S.W.E.E.P and Philly311 to address chronic trash/litter violators, including short dumping.
  • Enhancement - Providing more convenient corner trash/recycling containers, such as Big Bellies; distribution of recycling containers and stickers from the SOSNA Office.

The Clean and Green Committee meets the third Tuesday of each month at the SOSNA office. Our meeting agendas are listed on the events calendar.

Committee Chair
Dave Zega

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New Research: The Benefits of Open Space to Philadelphians
From a recently released report by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission entitled "The Economic Value of Protected Open Space in Southeastern Pennsylvania: First Edition".

"Homes in southeastern Pennsylvania as far as one mile away from protected open space capture a measurable increase in their value as a result of this proximity. Within this one-mile radius, the closer a home is to protected open space, the more value it captures."  In Philadelphia, a total of $6.4 billion in value is added to properties within one mile of protected open space. The correlates to an average increase of $9,763 in property values per house.

Proximity to open space leads to greater property values, too: "In Philadelphia, a home directly adjacent to a parcel of protected open space that is larger than five acres is worth an average of $35,000 more than a comparable home located more than one mile from protected open space. A city home located a half mile from the nearest protected open space enjoys an average increase in value of $15,000 compared to a similar home located more than one mile from open space."

Proximity is more important than size of open space: "The analysis also indicates that proximity to open space has a greater impact on property values than quantity of open space."