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SUPPORT BRINGING MORE BIG BELLIES TO OUR NEIGHBORHOOD! Litter is the #1 challenge to living in our neighborhood, so the SOSNA community survey says, and these units are a prime weapon to fight this problem!


Remember, since SOSNA is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit, a portion, or all, of your donation may be tax deductible (please consult your tax advisor).


Introduction: SOSNA has purchased and installed a Big Belly outside the SOSNA office at 1901 Christian Street. This is the first such receptacle for trash and recycling in the interior of our neighborhood. The City of Philadelphia Streets Department greatly supports our effort but cannot front the money to purchase more Big Bellies. So if we want more trash/recycling cans in our community we must raise the $4,500 necessary for their purchase. The City then installs and empties the Big Belly. 

Phase I:  SOSNA wants to empower neighbors to bring a Big Belly near you. After installing the one at 19th and Christian the SOSNA Clean & Green Committee has identified two "pilot" fundraising locations at opposite ends of the neighborhood - 23rd and Christian Streets and 18th and Catharine Streets. 
Phase I was successfully completed and the two new Big Bellies were installed on April 13, 2011.  Check out pictures of the installation here
Phase IIThe Clean & Green Committee and SOSNA Board identified the following locations for Phase II of the Big Belly Campaign. 
  • 22nd and Carpenter Streets (at Julian Abele Park)
  • 16th and Christian Streets (at Nunez Market)

Phase II was successfully completed on December 31, 2011 and the two Big Bellies will be installed in early 2012.

Phase III:  Grays Ferry & Fitzwater

You can contribute to this project via the Donate button above. 

Here's some background on the SOSNA Big Belly Campaign . . .

Help us keep this neighborhood clean! Support the SOSNA Big Belly Campaign!

SOSNA is looking for donations to bring more Big Belly trash/recycling receptacles to our neighborhood. Any amount helps from $5 to $500 to $1000. Each receptacle costs $4,500. We greatly appreciate your kindness and generosity in helping to clean up our community!

SOSNA purchased the first such receptacle for the neighborhood at 19th and Christian Streets outside our office. And thanks to everyone's generosity, SOSNA raised enough money to install two more at the following locations:

* 18th and Catharine Streets, at the Marian Anderson Recreation Center
* 23rd and Christian Streets. at the Christian Food Market

They have been a big success, popular with pedestrians and dog-walkers alike! And they are regularly maintained by the City.

THE PROBLEM: Trash and litter have consistently ranked as major challenges to this neighborhood. We know this anecdotally just walking around this community. In the recently distributed SOSNA COMMUNITY SURVEY, of the 190 respondents, 75% listed “Trash/Litter” as the #1 challenge to living in the neighborhood. Later in the same survey, 67.4% listed “More trash/recycling bins” as the #1 City service you’d like to see added to the neighborhood.

Persistent littering and trash in the streets is a problem without a silver bullet. Big Bellies are by no means a cure all - they must be part and parcel of a larger effort to clean the neighborhood, an effort that includes: education of proper trash/recycling procedures; better conduct by sanitation employees on trash collection days; and neighborhood clean up days. Not every corner needs a trashcan. But it is SOSNA’s goal that every resident or business is within 2-3 blocks of one.

THE TOOLS: The City of Philadelphia only uses two types of corner trashcans - the open wire cans, and the Big Bellies. The open wire cans most often create more trash than they collect. Abuse with household trash renders them useless, and when people need to use it for valid reasons - i.e. dog waste, wrappers, etc - there’s no space in the receptacle.

Big Bellies collect 4-5 times more trash than wire cans. Moreover, each Big Belly has a wireless notification system that sends a signal to the Philadelphia Streets Department anytime the receptacle is nearly or entirely filled.

THE CITY: We all know that these are tough times, especially for City coffers. The City just does not have the money to install new Big Bellies, and when they do, they prefer to target commercial corridors. SOSNA believes that our neighborhood, though predominantly residential, needs some corner trashcans, too.

SOSNA investigated the cost of purchasing a Big Belly outright from the company, but that would have cost $7,000 apiece. So we worked with the Streets Department, who fully support our effort. They allow us to purchase the Big Belly at their discounted rate of $4,500 apiece. What’s more, the City will install and maintain the receptacles.

THE SOLUTION: The SOSNA Big Belly at 19th and Christian was the first such can to be financed by a community group in a residential community. We want to raise money to bring more! Our Clean & Green Committee selected 8 other locations around the neighborhood, but we’re starting by targeting the two pilot locations. We thank the Marian Anderson Advisory Council and Rec Center staff for their support of our effort to replace their can at 18th and Catharine Streets. We also thank the Christian Food Market for supporting the can at 23rd and Christian Streets.

DONATE: SOSNA is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit with the IRS and registered Charitable Organization with the Pennsylvania Department of State. A portion, or all, of your donation to this effort may be tax deductible (Please consult your tax adviser) .

You can donate by one of three methods:

1.Use the donate button above to make a donation via PayPal.
2. Mail or Drop Off a check made payable to “South of South Neighborhood Association” to 1901 Christian Street, 1st Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19146. 
3. Donate to the General Fund. Indicate General fund in the Memo portion of your check.

Once we reach the $4,500 threshold, SOSNA will cut a check to the City of Philadelphia. The Big Belly is then installed soon thereafter.

For any and all questions, please contact the SOSNA office at 215-732-8446, or come by during office hours, Tuesday: 1-7 PM; Wednesday - Thursday: 11-3 PM.

LEARN MORE: Interested in issues like these? Join the SOSNA Clean & Green team, the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM at the SOSNA Office, 1901 Christian Street.