GreenTriage SWCC

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Green Triage SWCC

Contact: GreenTriageSWCC AT Gmail DOT com

Who we are
A pruning club comprised of volunteers including Tree Tenders, neighbors and “guest” arborists working in unison with SOSNA

• Care for our green canopy to ensure healthy trees
• Increase our base of fun-loving (tree-loving!) pruning volunteers

• Nurture – ensure “toddler” trees survive and thrive
• Safety – sidewalk, street and sight improvement for pedestrians and drivers
• Health – remove suckers; improve tree structure; reach out to neighbors to water

A core set of pruning tools is being purchased with funds from SOSNA for use by Green Triage only on a sign-out basis. Tools include:
• 2 Fiskar combo telescoping pole saw/pruner and 2 tree lopers
• 6 anvil pruners and 6 hand saws
• 2 bales of bundling twine
• 20 tree gator bags

Certified Arborist Support
“Guest” arborists will be invited monthly to provide on-site triage and instruction

Extent of Pruning
Minor – Small branches and suckers; working from ground level at arm’s length
Major - Under guidance of an arborist, only - larger limbs and altering tree shape

Initial Designated Areas to Prune

Year 2011

  • Assess/address trees planted by Tree Tenders in 2009 or earlier
    • Include surrounding trees on a given block
  • Conduct a “critical green triage” walk around and identify established trees in critical need of pruning attention. Prioritize for intervention.
  • Begin database of blocks/trees for future pruning
  • Implement a procedure for pruning permission/refusal

Year 2012

  • Address all trees planted by Tree Tenders in 2010
  • Begin tackling blocks identified in 2011

How can you become more involved?

Green Triage Administration

  • Create volunteers database/list and conduct email blasts
  • Scheduling/Calendar functions (e.g. pruning dates, notifying volunteers, cancellations)
  • Tree pruning resident/property notification: distribute mini-flyers with “Opt Out” provision a week in advance
  • Create/Update tree database/list

Pruning Day Actions

  • Transport tools and clean-up supplies to/from designated meeting location
  • Greet tree pruners and manage Sign in Sheet = Liability Waiver
    • Oversee check out/return of tools
    • Designate “bundle master” to oversee proper disposal
  • Take before and after photos (optional)


  • Attract new members and encourage them to become TreeTenders
  • Create/administer Green Triage web site (+ newsletter, fliers, etc.)
  • Education/education materials
  • Green Triage Rewards Program – an incentive “reward” for attending X number of sessions (e.g., receive a set of pruners)

MOST IMPORTANT – this is a community opportunity to get outdoors and have FUN!!!

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