Evergreens: A Neighborhood History

SOSNA is pleased to announce the publication of Evergreens: A Neighborhood History.  This book, which was financed by grants from the Claneil Foundation and the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia, was written by SOSNA Programs Coordinator Andrew Dalzell and designed by Karp Graphic Design, based on the 2500 block of Christian Street.  Researched and written between 2008 and 2013, the book contains three parts:

  • Narrative history of the neighborhood's development starting around William Penn's arrival in 1682 through the present.
  • Inventory of the neighborhood's historic assets (mostly from Philadelphia Historical Commission), existing and demolished.
  • Appendix and Bibliography, including census data and the derivation of neighborhood street names.

The book is named "Evergreens" after the name of the Pemberton Family estate that occupied much of the neighborhood's western area in Colonial times. 

We invite you to browse the preview snippet of the book below.  Please click the image of the book below for an easier-to-read version. 

Copies can be obtained from the SOSNA office for a $20 donation. Thank you to all the people who have made this book possible.