Zoning Committee Meeting

Repeats every month on the third Wednesday until Tue Dec 31 2019 .
SOSNA Office, 1901 Christian Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146
The next SOSNA Zoning Committee meeting will take place at the SOSNA office, 1901 Christian Street, at 7PM on April 19, 2017.
The SOSNA Zoning Committee always meets the third Wednesday of every month starting at 7 PM.
April 19, 2017 SOSNA ZONING AGENDA :

1. 1619 Christian Street (THRU TO WEBSTER STREET): Application for the relocation of lot lines to create two new zoning lots from one existing zoning lot (1619 Webster Street); Lot A: for an existing two family household living within an existing attached structure; Lot B: For the erection of an attached structure for use as a single family household living, (size and location as shown in the application).


1) Minimum lot area required: 1440 sq ft. (both lots); proposed lot area: 1105.6 sq ft. (LOT A), 652.8 sq ft. (LOT B)

2) Minimum open area required: 30 % (both lots, building height over 12 ft.); proposed open area: 18% (LOT A), 12% (LOT B)

3) Minimum rear yard depth required: 9 ft. (LOT A), 5 ft. (LOT B, building height below 12 feet); proposed rear yard depth: 4 ft (both lots)

4) Minimum rear yard area required: 144 sq ft. (both lots); proposed rear yard area: 72 sq ft. (both lots)


2. 1430 Clymer Street: Application for the erection of an attached structure (NTE 38' high); rear deck at second floor for a multi-family household living (three dwelling units) from cellar through fourth floors. Size and location as shown in the application.


1) In the CMX-2 zoning district, must contain non-residential use 100% of the ground floor frontage and within the first 30 ft. of building depth, measured from the front building line, non-residential is not proposed, is prohibited in this zoning district.

2) Total number of dwelling units allowed: 2; proposed dwelling units: 3

3) Area of lot allowed: 1111.7 sq ft.; proposed lot area: from 1440 to 1919 sq ft.