Zoning Committee Meeting

Repeats every month on the third Wednesday until Tue Dec 31 2019 .
SOSNA Office, 1901 Christian Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146
The next SOSNA Zoning Committee meeting will take place at the SOSNA office, 1901 Christian Street, at 7PM on June 21, 2017.
The SOSNA Zoning Committee always meets the third Wednesday of every month starting at 7 PM.
August 16, 2017 SOSNA ZONING AGENDA :
  1. 617 S 15TH ST: For Use As A Non-accessory Surface Parking With Twenty-five (25) Spaces Including One (1) Van Accessible Space. Refusal Whereas The Proposed Use, Non-accessory Surface Parking, Is Expressly Prohibited In The Cmx-1 Zoning District.

  1. 732 S. 21ST ST: For The Erection Of An Attached Structure With A Roof Deck Accessed By A Roof Deck Access Structure. Structure For Use As A Two (2) Family Household Living. Refusal For Project Lot Area Does Not Meet Minimum Of 720 Sq. Ft.

  1. 2301 MADISON SQUARE: For Erection Of Rear Two Story Addition And Modification As Part Of An Existing Historic Structure. Modification Includes Replacing All Windows And Doors As Per Historic Commission Approval (Dated 7/27/17). Use: For Household Living Single Family Dwelling As Previously Approved. The proposed project is subject for refusal for not meeting minimum open area, minimum yard depth, and minimum

  1. 2147 CHRISTIAN ST: For The Complete Demolition Of An Existing Attached Structure, And For The Erection Of An Attached Structure With A Roof Deck Accessed By A Pilot House (To Enclose Access Stairs Only), Size And Location As Shown On Plan/Application. For Use As Sit-down Restaurant On The First Floor, With Two-family Household Living Above; No Signs On This Application.

  2. 717 S. 20TH ST: For The Erection Of An Addition With Roof Decks Accessed From The New Third Story Above An Existing Attached Structure, Size And Location As Shown On Plan/Application. For Continued Use As Previously Approved Two-family Household Living. The Use Previously Approved By The Zoning Board Of Adjustment, Two-family Household Living, Is Prohibited In This District, And Is Being Extended, And Therefore Requires Additional Review By The Zoning Board Of Adjustment.