CHOP Update - 2nd CDR Meeting - 5/6 at 1 PM

1515 Arch Street, 18th Floor
Philadelphia, PA

On May 6 at 1 PM representatives from CHOP will present their plans for 700 Schuylkill Avenue (click for full project history) to the Civic Design Review Board - they will be presented revised plans in response to the CDRs comments (below) and community engagement process. Click here for the agenda. Click here for CHOP's presentaiton materials to CDR. The meeting takes place at 1515 Arch Street, 18th Floor, Room 18-029. The CDR's role is purely advisory - the ZBA nor Planning Commission is required to abide by the recommendation. Meetings are open to the public and provide opportunity for public comment.  The ZBA held its decision so that PCPC and CDR can weigh in.  SOSNA submitted a letter to the ZBA asking them to hold their decision on the variance question until after CDR and PCPC have submitted recommendations. SOSNA's letter can be found here.

"Civic Design Review is a review process for projects that meet certain thresholds described in the revised zoning code that went into effect on August 22, 2012." Per the Code, the CDR is composed of 2 architects, 1 landscape architect, 1 urban design professional, 1 developer/builder, 1 civic association representative, and at least 1 rotating Registered Community Organization representative from the affected area. As RCO with jurisdiction over 700 Schuylkill Avenue, SOSNA's Board of Directors appointed Christopher Stromberg, Board member and leader of the SOSNA Architectural Review Committee (ARC) as our rep.