Business Spotlight: NextFab

As one of the city’s major arteries, Washington Avenue is punctuated by ranging sounds of activity. From the rumbling of freightliners to the soft munching of tacos, the boulevard has become a mish mash of unlikely neighboring businesses. Nestled in the middle of the 2000 block, NextFab is no exception.

Founded in 2009, NextFab is a high-tech workshop that brings innovative ideas to life. Equipped with a wide variety of tools and machinery, members of this manufacturing “make space” can design and make any physical object from scratch. Hearing the screaming of wood saws, the crackling of welding sparks, and the humming of lasers is awe inspiring—their facilities are as impressive as they are unique.

Made up of entrepreneurs, artists, and dreamers, the NextFab community is foundationally built on collaboration. “We like to be a melting pot of different interests and all sorts of activity, with everybody learning and people working on projects together.” founder Dr. Evan Malone explains. Welcoming new beginners and seasoned experts, the make space offers ample space and opportunity to gain hands-on experience with equipment that is seldom available for personal use.

The air at NextFab is pulsing with energy, filled with melodies of creative execution and discovery—stop by to see how NextFab pays tribute to Philadelphia’s manufacturing past and entrepreneurial future. 

Visit to schedule a free tour, register for a class, or become a member. Use the promo code “SOSNA_WelcomeNeighbor” for a discount when signing up to join NextFab.