Tree Care

Tree Care Basics

Your tree is technically city property, and is supposed to be maintained by the Fairmount Park Commission (FPC). However, as FPC is understaffed it is vital that you learn the basics of tree maintenance. SOSNA encourages all residents to sign up for the TreeTenders program administered by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS).

New trees require anywhere between 10 and 20 gallons of water per week after they are planted. After that, it is important for you to mulch the tree pitch every fall and keep the soil from becoming compacted. you do not need to fertilize your tree. Be sure to leave the stakes in for at least one year. They keep your young tree from blowing too much in strong winds, and ensure that your tree grows strong roots to survive later without the stakes. Stakes also protect your tree from opening car doors.

With the right tree and favorable planting conditions, your tree shouldn't interfere with your sewer, waterline, etc. Most tree roots grow in the soil's top 12 inches and spread well beyond the tree's canopy in search of water and nutrients. They don't "attack" underground mains, unless these are already damaged, providing entrances for developing roots. An adequate and generous tree pit, or long narrow continuous "tree lawn" will provide the best conditions for establishing and maintaining a "well behaved" street tree with the environment needed to survive in the city.

If your tree needs pruning or you need to have a dead one removed, complete a service request form for Fairmount Park. Pruning and removals are performed on a first-come, first-served basis using available funds.

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