SOSNA Clean Block Campaign


This spring SOSNA is excited to launch a comprehensive plan to clean and green our neighborhood, The Clean Block Campaign

The goal of the Clean Block Campaign will be to reduce litter through an infrastructure of volunteers throughout all of South of South. These volunteers will act as SOSNA Clean Block Reps. Clean Block Reps will liaise with SOSNA and organize clean-ups for their own blocks, disseminate educational materials on proper trash and recycling practices, distribute recycling bins, work with SOSNA to advocate for better cleaning and greening practices, and report problem residents/businesses to SWEEPs and Philly 311 Neighborhood Liaison Program. This program will allow SOSNA to have the human capital necessary to educate all of our residents and effect positive changes in neighborhood recycling practices. 

YOU can help us clean up our neighborhood. It only takes a few minutes a week. Pick up trash left along your street after trash collection, and recruit your friends and neighbors to do the same. Help SOSNA identify residents that do not have a recycling bin. Using unstable brown bags causes recyclables to spill onto the street, handing out recycling bins to each home in South of South will drastically reduce trash making its way onto our streets. - These are just a few things we can do to beautify our neighborhood.

Are you already signed up as the Block Captain for your block through the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee (PMBC)? We want to work with you! Block Captains are a vital resource in our community and we want to support our Block Captains in anyway we can. SOSNA would like to work with the Block Captains on each block and put SOSNA Clean Block Reps on the blocks without a PMBC Block Captain in place. If you are already a Block Captain please sign up with us so we can work more closely with you and support your efforts!


To sign up to be The SOSNA Clean Block Rep for your block!

Stay tuned- more information will be coming soon! Sign up to be your block's Clean Block Rep to stay up to date on SOSNA trainings, info sessions and clean ups! Download the Clean Block Rep Flyer to share and recruit your friends!