SOSNA Parking

We understand many of our residents are really feeling the parking crunch. Arriving home after 6pm could lead to circling the block countless times in search of a parking spot. We hope to alleviate some of the parking burden by creating another parking district within SOSNA's boundaries.

Now, SOSNA is within District 1. This district spans from Market Street to Washington Avenue, and Broad Street to the Schuylkill River. In comparison, the area equal in size to zone 1 on the east side of Broad Street (Market to Washington, the Delaware River to Broad Street), is comprised of four parking districts.

We believe creating another parking district will reduce the number of non-residents parking in the neighborhood and create more spaces for our members. In 2012, a graduate student intern did a parking study and took an inventory of all of the parking spots within our neighborhood. 

According to the study there are 4,789 unmetered parking spaces in the neighborhood.
- 2,103 of those are permit spots
- 2,686 are unrestricted parking spots
There are 3,383 Zone 1 permits issued to addresses in our neighborhood.
- Therefore, there should be 1,406 spaces left over

We hope that creating a new parking district, one that mirrors SOSNA's boundaries (Broad to the Schuylkill, South Street to Washington), will ease the strain currently felt by our members when trying to find parking. 

At SOSNA's April General Meeting we discussed creating a new district and community members in attendance were in support. Next steps include Councilman Johnson putting forth an ordinance for approval by City Council. Stay tuned for updates!