A Parting Message from SOSNA Spring Intern Daniel Wolf

Hello SOSNA associates, affiliates, and aficionados,

Working with SOSNA over the last few months has been such a great experience for me. I hope to stay in touch with the great folks I've met in the SOSNA community, and I'm looking forward to the organization's continued successes in the future. Andrew asked me to share some of the accomplishments from my internship with SOSNA, so here's a short description of what I've been up to. Feel free to reach out if you have any thoughts or questions - my email is at the bottom of this message.

It's so nice to see some of the recommendations in my Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan come closer to fruition. Thanks to Andrew and his partners at the Streets Department and the Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities, the double yellow line and crosswalks on Christian Street are currently being repainted (at right) - a huge improvement over what used to be extremely faded pavement markings - and a grant application has been submitted to fund bicycle sharrows along 18th and 21st streets (download the map below), which would significantly improve the options for biking in our neighborhood. The repainting on Christian Street should help calm traffic while making pedestrian crossings safer and easier.

Continuing with the theme of bicycle and pedestrian safety, I wrote a grant application to fund an intersection mural project in the school zone of the Chester A. Arthur School, similar to the one SOSNA facilitated in over at the Universal Institute Charter School in 2010. This project, if funded, would encourage motorists to be mindful of bicycles and pedestrians when passing through the school zone, and, coupled with a community day of mural painting and educational programming, would generate enthusiasm in the community about biking and walking to school.

The project I had the most fun with was designing this neighborhood map (final draft below) showcasing our parks and recreational amenities, to encourage residents to get outside and to help newcomers to the neighborhood find out what each space has to offer. Come pick one up in the SOSNA office!

Finally, I've helped out with the community visioning process for Carpenter Green, a proposed park at 17th and Carpenter streets. I developed the Carpenter Green survey many of you have filled out, and I've created a flyer that was distributed to the close neighbors of the site to try to get more survey responses from those who will be impacted most by the new park.

For the summer I'll be interning with the University City District, working toward many of the same goals I dealt with while at SOSNA, namely improving mobility options and public spaces. Then I'm off to one more year at Penn's Masters of City Planning program. Again, feel free to be in touch.

Daniel Wolf