Commute to Work

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With close proximity to Center City, Avenue of the Arts, the University of Pennsylvania, and Drexel University, 61% of residents walk, bike, or take public transit through the neighborhood on their way to school, work, and entertainment. Another 4% work at home.




What this means to your bottom line:
A February 2013 study revealed that the spending of bicyclists, transit users, and pedestrians exceeded the monthly expenditures of automobile users at local establishments such as convenience stores, drinking establishments, and restaurants,when controlling for other sociological and demographic factors. (Clifton et al, Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium (OTREC), Portland State University, 2012).


Ideally situated adjacent to Philadelphia’s two largest employment centers — Center City and University City — Southwest Center City has the highest percentage of workers (59%) of any neighborhood within greater Center City, working in the combined Center City/University City mega-employment center. Don’t take our word for it. Check out, which rates Southwest Center City as having a walk score of 89 out of 100 (“very walkable: most errands can be accomplished on foot”); a bike score of 99 (“bikers' paradise”) and a transit score of 79 (“excellent”).



United States Census Bureau American Community Survey, 2006-2010.