17th Police District Bicycle Registry

The 17th Police District has empowered SOSNA to create an online registry for your bicycle.  By participating in and building this fledgling database, we can help police return stolen bikes to their rightful owners.  Philadelphia is one of the worst cities for bike theft, according to Kryptonite, who as recently as 2008 ranked Philly #1 for bike theft.  This at a time when more and more people are using bikes, especially in our neighborhood.  A recent analysis of Census data by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia found that the census tracts within our neighborhood have some of the highest ridership figures in the state! In fact, Census Tract 19 (between Broad and 21st Streets, Catharine and Washington) has the highest bicycle mode share in PA - 18% of commuters from that tract bike

Check out Kryptonite's tips for safely locking your bike

PLEASE NOTE: This is a pilot program within the 17th District (Lombard to Moore Streets, Broad to the Schuylkill River, click here map of District boundaries).  We appreciate your patience with us as this gets off the ground.

How to Register Your Bike with the 17th Police District:

1 - Fill out and submit the webform below. A photo of your bike is not required but is highly recommended.
2 - Within two weeks of doing so, visit the 17th Police District and have your designated registration number etched on the bike.
3 - Then tell all your bike-riding friends. The only way this becomes successful is if every bike is registered!

Please enter your email if you would like to receive an email confirmation of your registration.

The serial number is usually located on the bottom bracket of most bicycle frames.

Men's bikes have a straight frame between handlebars and the seat; women's bikes are angled down towards the seat.  Write "Other" if this does not describe your bike.

This number is assigned when your bike is etched by the 17th District.